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Awhile ago I went on a long journey to find a good and honest flooring store to install carpet in my home.  You can read about it here “Installing Carpet”.  Well, well, well I finally found a really great flooring store to install carpet in my home!It sure took a long time but I did find a business that actually knows what it means to be a consumer driven business.  From the moment I walked into Joe’s Floor Shop to now after several months of the installation I am still as happy as can be!!  I wanted to wait awhile to ensure all worked well before letting you know.

I can summarize the experience by saying EXCELLENT experience!  When I first walked into Joe’s Floor Shop I was greeted and treated just like family.  Then we got to meet the owner Jose Silva.  I’ve had so many negative experiences I got right to business with questions before even talking about which carpet to buy.  I only asked lead in questions to gauge a response and in less than 5 minutes I knew that Jose and Company knew exactly what they are doing.  Jose had answered some of our technical questions before we asked while describing their installation methods.  Then he gladly answered the rest of my technical questions without hesitation.  My Wife picked the carpet she liked and we set up a rather quick day for coming out to measure and estimate.  Jose gave us sample boards so we could check samples at our house just to make sure.

Carpet, tile, wood, laminate
Joe’s Floor Shop

Estimate day came and Jose arrived a little early but not inconveniently early.  Even though the existing carpet was sorely in need of replacement Jose made sure he was not going to track anything on the old carpet.  All doors were open for rooms they needed to enter for measuring and the rest left closed for a reason.  Jose went through the home measuring all of the rooms for carpet.  When Jose reached a closed door he asked about the interior and when told it was all tile he only measured the opening for the transition pieces without even opening the door.  They were left closed for a reason and he certainly passed that test with flying colors.  Others that I had in to estimate opened the doors just to be nosy but Jose was there for carpet and respected our privacy wishes!  That was a small honesty test and I was happy as punch when he did pass.

As Jose was measuring he placed the measurements in his automated program.  At the end the program performed an automated calculation of carpet needs.  However it had placed numerous seems around the house, not just seems at openings, that I had already discussed with Jose that we did not want.  We knew there would be waste and additional cost but we wanted only 2 seems in the entire house (single story) except at openings between rooms and closets that would be unavoidable.  When completed Jose and I sat down and he showed me the automated calculations and costs, then very quickly he moved the seems where we wanted them and showed us the new calculations and costs.  He did this to make sure we knew what the cost difference would be.

We then spoke about transition strips between carpet and tiled areas.  We are pragmatic people and not heavily into aesthetics.  Many people want no transition strips visible at carpet to tile points.  This leaves either using one of the unacceptable to us transition methods used in residential carpet installations or improperly just cutting and butting the carpet to the tile which can and will cause many problems later.  Believe it or not we actually had at least one other carpet store plan to perform the improper way.  There is one other method that many carpet stores either had no clue about or try to avoid even discussing as they think you will probably not even like later.  That method is the use of commercial transition strips that you will see in the picture below.  Not only did Jose offer these to us but he also offered one of the best varieties (manufacturer/model) available.

Here again Jose passed another simple test in listening to what we wanted and providing us what we wanted!  So many of the other stores just did not listen or tried to provide us what they thought we would like or just tried to offer us the materials and methods that would allow them to give the cheapest bid.  Flooring is a tough business and so many consumers make their decisions on a $50.00 bid difference instead of looking at the entire picture from bid to install and support.  Without a doubt we ordered up the carpet and set a tentative install date that worked with our schedules.

The carpet arrived and was ready for the installers and the installers were ready for the chosen date.  Jose sent out a really great crew of three who really knew their jobs!  They arrived slightly early to scope out the job and then got right to work.  They were very professional, courteous, and careful in our home.  It was a definite pleasure to watch them work as if the entire removal and installation was choreographed.  There was virtually no wasted movement as they moved through the home in quick order finishing room after room.  I will say that from a security standpoint I am one that is not comfortable with having people in my home without an escort.  However within the first 15 minutes that concern was completely eradicated and I felt if I wanted I could have left and come back later.  They were interested in installing carpet and performing a great job and that was their only interest.  When they were finished other than new carpet being installed you never would have known they were there.  The job site was completely cleaned up and as requested large excess sections of carpet neatly rolled up and placed to the side for our use later.  What an enjoyment that experience was!!

Jose came by to inspect the job site and Butch thanks him!
Jose came by to inspect the job site and Butch thanks him!
Sundance was to tired to say hello!
Sundance was to tired to say hello!

Later that evening Jose showed up to check on the carpet work to make sure there were no issues.  Butch came to say hello and thank him for his new flooring.  Sundance however had a rough day and decided to enjoy his new carpet with a nap!


There is no doubt this was a very pleasant experience and I now have a flooring business I can count on!  From the first to last encounter for the install and beyond I am confident you will do well with Joe’s Floor Shop!  They are located in Garland, Texas with a link to their WEB site above.  Their telephone number is 972-205-0425.  They do more than just carpet, they also install hardwood, tile, laminate, luxury vinyl, and waterproof flooring.  Give them a call and enjoy the same pleasant experience we had!!


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