Psssst, hey over here! Are you still looking for a good Plumber?

Wow time sure does fly by!  Last year I wrote a BLOG POST about a plumbing experience and a really good plumber.  It’s a year later and this Blog post definitely deserves an update! 

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This is the Everflow Plumbing team!

The Everflow Plumbing Team from left to right: Damon Lee (Master Plumber), Steve Nix (Apprentice Plumber), Dave Henderson (The shy missing one a Master Plumber as well).

Last year I had the great pleasure to deal with an exceptional team of Professional Plumbers.  You can read all about them in this Blog post I wrote.  Well I had the opportunity to not only encounter them again but also the opportunity to see I just wasn’t wrong in my previous Blog post!

Unfortunately for me a freak failure occured on a major component that was replaced last year.  A simple $5.00 valve experienced a failure that is just not expected.  My plumbing could run at the time but if not handled quickly the valve failure could have become worse and caused major repercussions!  As soon as I found it I called the Everflow Plumbing team and my call was answered quickly.  I explained the situation and they came out as fast as they could.  They handled the situation professionally and with a great deal of concern.  The work was performed to the same high standards they used on the original job.

When I offered to pay them they simply stated that they back their work and products and there was no payment needed.  Now how many times have you encountered this over the years?  How many companies these days are willing to provide the same exceptional response and service on follow-up work?  How many companies these days truly stand behind their work these days?  It has been almost a full year since the original work and Everflow Plumbing hasn’t changed.  How great is that to find consistency these days no matter what the business?

So I’ll say it again if you need a real Professional Plumber give the team at Everflow Plumbing a call.  You can call them at 214-597-2879 and their WEB site is  Whether it is residential or commercial plumbing Everflow Plumbing can handle your requirements!

Thanks Everflow Plumbing!!

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