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In a previous post I spoke about fake online reviews.  You can read about these fake online reviews HERE.  Well it just gets more and more unethical what service providers are willing to do to get your business! All businesses market for your business and there is nothing wrong with that.  What is wrong is the methods they use and a new marketing company (there does appear to be more than one though) has displayed yet another angle that dishonest Inspectors are using to suck you into their WEB of deceit!  This company is all about social media and WEB review sites and promises the Inspector all kinds of nifty and automatic ways to push the Inspectors message and reviews out for you to see.

One of their main attractions is how they handle consumer reviews.  Once your service has been provided this company will text you a message and/or send an email asking if you would like to review your service provider.  They even provide a handy link for you to go straight to a WEB site to enter your review.  When you select that link and enter your review you would expect it is being published immediately on one of the many large consumer review sites so you don’t have to open an account with that site and deal with that.  Well that all depends on whether you select their “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” option which you must select for your review to even be accepted.

If you select the “Thumbs Up” option then your review is pushed out to all of the big consumer review sites.  However if you select the “Thumbs Down” option your review automatically gets placed in the ever so annoying and dishonest “File 13” box.  For those not familiar with the concept of “File 13” it is essentially an acronym for the “Trash Box” where it might never be seen again!  Of course the Inspector has the option of reviewing his “File 13” and deciding to release that review or not.  Now if you honestly believe that an Inspector is going to want a “Thumbs Down” review being published for the world to see then you really should think again!

Another possible aggravation for you is the method of texting and emailing the request if you want to review them.  With email they appear to be spoofing the Inspectors email address in the “From” of the header.  Hopefully they at least provide the required “Opt Out” or “Unsubscribe” link so you can at least get them to leave you and your email alone? However on the text message they send the marketing company claims they are using a number that is supposedly close to the Inspectors number but is one of their own.  These are small companies just starting up and they are attempting to draw in Inspectors, and other service providers, from around the country.  Leasing a phone number in every area code they have an Inspector client is very expensive and cost prohibitive to do.  So how can they do this and what does it mean to you?

Have you ever received a call and could not get to it and answer in time, then call it back just to hear a recording “The number you have dialed is not a working number”?  Have you ever received an annoying Robocall that does not give you the required option at the beginning to be removed from their call list, hung up, called it back to tell them to remove you and get that same recording?  It’s called “Spoofing” where the caller forces any number but theirs to show up on your phone and mostly these wind up being numbers that are currently not in use.  Now there are even apps you can buy for your own cell phone to do this and they call them “Burner Numbers”.  The aggravating issue you will run into is that these “Spoofers” typically can not accept calls on these numbers.  That means you can not even call them back to tell them or indicate to them to remove you from their call list.

So how can you make sure you are not sucked into this web of deceit?  Best thing is go directly to your favorite review site and just write the review yourself.  If you had a problem with a service provider (Inspectors included) then others out there need to know so they do not encounter the same problems.  Any service provider using the techniques above with the File 13 of reviews and spoofing of phone numbers really does need to be outed so others don’t encounter them!


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