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If you were to compare your home inspection to two different dinners would you want a hamburger and fries quality or would you prefer a Prime Rib quality?  Weird question Huh?  Read on to see what this one is about!

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I had to laugh at something I read today.  A discussion was occurring regarding an upcoming seminar by a supposed motivational speaker that teaches Home Inspectors how to market and run their home inspection business.  This particular motivational speaker (??) is the typical type that makes a lot of hoopla about their seminar, charges a high fee to attend, and then at the seminar tries to sell thousands of dollars worth of supposedly great motivational and marketing materials.  And many people have fallen for this motivational speaker’s (??) hogwash!  Don’t misunderstand me I don’t feel all motivational speakers are this way.  I’ve just seen more than my share of this type that are long on talk and tall on BS!  So what was it I laughed about?  One of the conversation participants wrote this little ditty which pretty much sums up what this motivational speaker is all about.

“He did have a some great one liners, this one stuck with me regarding inspection reports “people just want a good hamburger”. He reviewed his reporting style and gave his thoughts about reporting do’s and don’ts.”

I have always said that the home inspection report can tell you not only a lot about the Home Inspector but also about the quality, or lack of it, with the home inspection itself.  I have seen so many actual bad home inspection reports, as well as sample reports on Home Inspectors’ WEB sites.  The actual bad reports were the ones sent to me by consumers who definitely had a “Hamburger Home Inspector” and needed help understanding the reports and their options.  A “Hamburger Home Inspector” is the type that comes out and in “Short Order” (Hah, Hah, pardon the pun as in “Short Order Cook”) runs through your home inspection like a chicken with their head cut off trying to spot as many things as possible in as short a time as possible.  The “Hamburger Home Inspector” is so covered in grease from that fatty hamburger attitude that he slides right by issues and defects staring them right in the face.  When you get your report it too is swimming in grease and very, very hard to digest!

So what makes a “Prime Rib Home Inspection” so much better than a “Hamburger Home Inspection”?  Well let me tell you!  A “Prime Rib Home Inspection” starts with careful preparation where the Home Inspector has to learn and know what they’re doing.  Then comes the actual cooking of the Prime Rib which takes time just like a thorough and proper home inspection.  Once the Prime Rib is cooked there is all of the additional effort to present it to you with all the fixings which can be equivalent to the home inspection report writing itself.  Once you have the detailed home inspection report in your hand, the result of careful preparation and a thorough home inspection, the results just melt in your mouth when you realize how much great and useful information you’ve been provided by the “Prime Rib Home Inspector”.

So when you do go searching for a Home Inspector ask them “Are you a Hamburger Home Inspector or a Prime Rib Home Inspector”?  Seriously, I’m not kidding!  That would probably throw them for a loop if they are a “Hamburger Home Inspector”!  Make sure you get a sample copy of their actual report and compare them to others you’re looking at.  Trust me when I tell you you’ll see all of the grease on the “Hamburger Home Inspection Report”, and all of the tender meat in the “Prime Rib Home Inspection Report”!

Bon Appetit!

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