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How many times have you actually wondered if the buried drip lines on your sprinkler system are actually working?  Did you know there is a simple solution to ensure you know?

[tab: A Simple Operational Indicator]

Sprinkler systems are very common and very useful systems to have.  But if they are not properly functioning they can be a significant problem as well.  Part of your normal home maintenance does include ensuring your sprinkler system does not have issues.  Obviously this means routine checks to ensure among other things that all of the zones are operating as they should.  This is not an issue to visually check the zones with above ground spray heads.  But how do you check the buried drip line zones to ensure they are functioning at all?  Obviously for the buried drip lines in grassy areas or planting beds you can see the results of under watering in the conditions of the plants and grass as they whither and die.  Of course that does you little good since now you’ll be replacing expensive plantings and reseeding or sodding your dead yard areas.  But what about any dedicated zone(s) for your foundation watering?  You certainly don’t want to find out the hard way through foundation movement and expensive repairs that these were not operating!

So how can you easily check the operation of buried drip lines?  There is actually a very simple accessory that can be added to buried drip lines to help you monitor them.  These are very simple and relatively inexpensive (relative to the cost of damage repairs) pop-up visual indicators that can be added to the drip lines to display when they do activate.  These indicators do not spray any water and are only there to let you know that the drip line has been filled and pressurized with water.  One example of these can be seen and read about on the Rain Bird Corporation’s WEB site HERE.  Obviously these are not going to tell you if the drip line is actually emitting water but they will at least tell you that the drip line is active and has not completely failed.  You can then use other means to determine if you are watering enough and if water is even being emitted.  These devices are running about $7.00 each on average, plus installation, and depending on the length of your drip zone can take as few as 2 or 3 per zone.  That is well worth the cost considering the damage that can be caused by a failed drip zone, especially around your foundation.

If you’re building a new home with a sprinkler system I recommend that you do speak with your builder about having these added.  It is very surprising that of all the new homes I’ve inspected so far only two have had them installed.  They are such an inexpensive way for builders to reduce call backs and dealing with foundation problems it is a wonder they just don’t already add them on.  If you have an existing sprinkler system with drip zones give a sprinkler system company a call and inquire about adding them and the cost.  Again it is a very cheap method to help protect not only your foundation but also your expensive plantings and lawn.


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