GOT ROT? (On your wood fence that is)

Emmanuel | Nov/ 3/ 2011 | 0

Of all the inspections I have performed with wood fences around yards at least half of them are damaged.  Of the other half most of them are on their way to being damaged.  So what can you look for when

What does it take to certify a septic system?

Emmanuel | Aug/ 24/ 2011 | 0

I frequently receive calls from home buyers who would like to contract me to “certify” an on site septic system condition.  But what is a “Septic System Certification”, and who can actually perform that?  Read on for more.

Do you have a CLUE about the home you are buying?

Emmanuel | Jan/ 22/ 2011 | 0

Were you even aware about the significant damage your home suffered before you bought it?  Don’t get ripped off when buying a home, know all you can before you buy.  Read on for more information.