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Can’t find that particular door model, window model, or another building product that the BibBox home improvement store doesn’t carry?  Well there is hope from a very interesting source!

I recently had a need for a specific door from a very large door manufacturer.  This manufacturer’s doors are carried by the local BigBox home improvement store.  However for some reason I’ll never understand BigBox not only did not stock that specific model of the door manufacturer’s door they also refused to special order that model of door.  This particular BigBox store like all others claims they can get anything you need.  Of course what they really meant was “Anything we think you will need!”.

So the hunt was on for the door which included calling the manufacturer to find out what stores they do ship this door to.  After calling all of their suppliers I could get the door but not without jumping through a lot of ridiculous hoops!  It was looking like nobody wanted to sell me this door and I would have to change to another door if one was even there that met my specifications.

At this point I was shaking my head and lamenting about how BigBox killed the Mom & Pop hardware and building supply stores who would have found a way to get that door for me!  So I started my search again and what do you know, I came across a very interesting concept and business.  The concept was cooperative building suppliers and the name of the Co-Op is Do it Best (Link Here).  Essentially how this co-op works are the remaining Mom & Pop and smaller hardware and building supply stores join the co-op.  The co-op has a large membership base and can go to the various suppliers of building materials and hardware using their size to negotiate and purchase quantities for distribution to its members.  The co-op members then are able to sell these items to you at the same prices that BigBoxes typically can, and sometimes even less.

Great idea but you might be thinking does it really work and what kind of service can you possibly get from the co-op?  Well I had the same thought but had to try so I called Do It Best.  If I had to rate and compare Do It Best and the BigBox on a scale of 1 – 10 I have to rate BixBox at less than a 3 with Do It Best flaming BigBox with a solid 10!  I can honestly say I have not had many great experiences like the one with Do It Best in many years now.

So if you need building supplies or hardware items, and you want to support the Mom & Pops out there give Do It Best a call and you won’t regret it!


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