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I received an incredible email today I just had to share!  This email will totally blow your mind and have you think twice about all of those online reviews.How many times have you come across a WEB site with oodles and oodles of reviews either for a service provider or business?  As you read these reviews you start thinking “Hey this must be a good company with all of these glowing reviews!”.  Well hang onto your hats and think twice about that after you read the following email I received today!

How to buy fake reviews
Letter Soliciting fake review service













When I received this I was simply floored!  Fake reviews are nothing new and I see them very frequently on WEB sites of businesses, these special review sites, and other sites.  You can usually tell they are fake by reading them and seeing the similar writing styles, wording, etc., from one review to the other.  As for the various review sites out there they like to claim they are culling out these fake reviews but in reality there are plenty of ways to game their systems and get yourself many reviews if you really want it.

This however was simply astounding since this came from an actual marketing company that is offering to write and post fake reviews for your business!  This company is a legally registered corporation in a US State (left unnamed to prevent legal issues).  The email hints that they will “help you write reviews” and does not speak about posting them.  However they do have a WEB site and it specifically states they will not only write reviews but post those reviews they write.  Obviously their name and WEB site information is not being shown here to prevent any problems from frivolous lawsuits or threats from them.  Yes even though they are offering to do this less than ethical thing they can still sue or threaten anyone they want for exposing it.

There are Federal and many States’ laws that prevent a business from placing deceptive advertising such as fake reviews on their WEB sites or other advertisement.  What is even more astounding and disturbing though is that there are no laws that prevent a company to help a business from creating and posting fake reviews.  So why would a business even consider using the services of a company like this?  Well it’s not hard to figure out why and for a consumer to try proving this is near impossible and not really worth the time.

It is unfortunate that this type of activity occurs but is fully expected in our society today where many businesses value the dollar over your trust!  This type of activity hurts those businesses that actually have factual and true reviews that can help consumers make wise decisions.  So to protect yourself take all online reviews with a grain of salt and don’t use them as your sole source qualifier to use a service provider or buy a product!

Stay safe and be careful!


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