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Sometimes we need help with our home improvement or maintenance needs but finding the right person and/or company can be very trying!  Well if you need plumbing work performed I’ve got the company for you![tab: What Plumber to use?]

I simply enjoy working on my home!  I’ll do anything I can and try anything to learn more.  However I know my own limits, and although I will push the limits I know when it is time to bring in the professionals.  My only limitations are not having the proper specialized and expensive tools, access to the needed materials, not enough time to do something as quick as needed, or been there, done that, and know I won’t do it to my own satisfaction.  Have you ever tried sweating a copper pipe?  It really isn’t hard but it does take experience and practice to properly sweat a joint that will not fail on you!  Some things are just better left to the professionals!

This is the Everflow Plumbing team!

The Everflow Plumbing Team from left to right: Damon Lee (Master Plumber), Steve Nix (Apprentice Plumber), Dave Henderson (The shy missing one a Master Plumber as well).

So I recently wanted to perform major plumbing upgrades on the home and hit my limitations for time, needed tools and materials, as well as some specialized work that was not the time to try learning it!  So I needed a licensed Plumber.  I have not had to use the services of a Plumber in many years.  The ones I know/knew either left the business, moved away, or don’t cover my area.  Oh what fun, now I had to go through the process of finding a licensed Plumber that I felt comfortable with performing the work.  So I went about the process of interviewing Plumbers, obtaining estimates, vetting and comparing all of the Plumbers and made the selection.  In the picture above is the Everflow Plumbing team (click on the picture for a larger view,, with a shy Dave Henderson not shown, that performed the work at my place.

So why did I choose Everflow Plumbing team out of a dozen or more other Plumbers and companies I called?  Well I have a vetting process that helps ensure that I’m not stuck with a Plumber, or any other professional, that is going to cost me more grief than good.  Everflow Plumbing met every requirement and then some!  These were the points that I used for selecting them.

  1. During the very first telephone call to Everflow Plumbing they displayed a professional demeanor on the telephone.  They answered every question I asked without hesitation.  These questions also included technical points regarding the work I needed performed.
  2. They responded as quickly as possible to come to my home at the time they promised, listened to my full plans, took extensive notes, and asked their own questions of me.  During this first on site visit they again acted very professionally but also personable as well.  We discussed my plans and the work I would like performed, and again I asked questions to assess not only their technical knowledge but their business practices, other professional associations and resources, as well as what might have appeared to be innocuous questions but important to me in my assessment of them.  They took all of the time necessary to understand what I was planning to do and how they would perform their work.
  3. They promised a detailed estimate for the work I requested and that is what they sent.  The estimate was well constructed and listed a break down of material and labor charges so I could understand exactly what was being paid for.  Their estimated cost was on level with most of the other Plumbers who provided estimates but only one other Plumber actually provided a written estimate and it was just one lump sum amount with no detail.  All of the remainder of the Plumbers only provided a verbal estimate.  You should never contract a large job without a professionally written estimate.  It keeps both you and the professional on the same track and helps to understand what you are paying for.
  4. Although the estimated cost was on par with the majority of other Plumbers it was still a surprise.  It appeared my plans were more aggressive than our budget for the project.  They took the time to work with me to find options to reduce the cost but still arrive at the same results.  They also agreed to accommodate special requests I had for the work that are acceptable to do but not typically performed during this type of work.
  5. They made sure they advised me of how long the project would be expected to take, what their basic schedule was once we set the start date, and what other actions would need to be taken that would cause damage to surrounding materials.  Basically everything was laid out on the table before we ever agreed to start the project.

There was no doubt that Everflow Plumbing was the company I would be hiring to perform this work.  Yet there is always that nagging feeling of impending problems and caution about the actual work that would be performed.  No matter how much you vet a company and its owners/employees you eventually have to take the chance that you made the right choice.  Well I definitely made the right choice with Everflow Plumbing and the project went much better than I expected with no hitches or apparent flaws.  This is what occurred with the project.

  1. Damon, Steve, and Dave showed up on the agreed start date and just a little earlier than the scheduled start time.  The following two days they were there slightly earlier than scheduled.
  2. They estimated 2 1/2 days for the work and finished it on time with no overages.
  3. During that 2 1/2 days I watched them work like a well oiled machine.  All three knew exactly what they needed to do and each went their own ways working to make sure no delays occurred.  They would consult briefly with each other to make sure that they were all on the same page and all working smoothly.
  4. When they ran into a few unexpected glitches they quickly crafted viable solutions and didn’t miss a beat on the project time line.
  5. Once they started the work and learned the specific conditions of the project they actually found better ways to complete the project that reduced the amount of expected ancillary damage to surrounding materials.  That itself reduced the cost of the project a little more.
  6. They were very careful of our home and kept their work areas neat and clean both during and after each day.  They were treating our home like it was theirs!
  7. During their work I tried to stay out of their way as much as possible.  However I couldn’t help watching and asking questions to learn a little more about their work, this project, technical aspects, etc.  They offered up answers, advise, guidance, etc., whenever I asked.  They had no objections to me asking and seemed to invite it.

This was no doubt a very pleasant experience and completely without any of the fears I was anticipating.  Over my lifetime I’ve had many experiences with professionals and tradespeople that were just not up to the high expectations I have of professionals.  Some of those experiences were true horror stories!  This experience with Everflow Plumbing was one I certainly enjoyed!!  So if you need a real Professional Plumber give the team at Everflow Plumbing a call.  You can call them at 214-597-2879 and their WEB site is

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