Does the brick on your home have a hangover?

Emmanuel | Nov/ 11/ 2011 | 0

Does the brick veneer on your home hang over the foundation wall?  If so is it a problem or not?  If your brick has a hangover read on to find out more.

The history and problems of cast iron sewers pipes.

Emmanuel | Nov/ 7/ 2011 | 0

If your home is equipped with cast iron sewage pipes you will no doubt have comments in your inspection report regarding its presence and possibly issues.  So what are these issues and why the comments about them?

GOT ROT? (On your wood fence that is)

Emmanuel | Nov/ 3/ 2011 | 0

Of all the inspections I have performed with wood fences around yards at least half of them are damaged.  Of the other half most of them are on their way to being damaged.  So what can you look for when